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These are the TEACHINGS and PROPHECIES of the ancient hero and SHAMAN GESER KHAN

Geser Khan’s Teaching 
These are the teachings and prophecies of the ancient hero and shaman 
Abai Geser Bogdo Khan, son of Khan Hormasta. These are supposed 
to be his own words, but they have been passed down by oral tradition 
and were eventually written down in the Old Mongolian language.

An Ancient Lesson for the Modern World
The true teaching of holy Geser, in order to wake up the people of the 

Honor Father Heaven and Mother Earth,
pray to the sky beings and make offerings to the ancestors,
treat father and mother with the proper respect, 
follow the law,
honor your teachers,
love your older and younger siblings with genuine respect,
be faithful and trustworthy with your friends,
be thoughtful in dealing with relatives,
treat man and woman differently (1),
teach your sons and younger brothers,
be helpful to your fellow man,
do what is necessary,
do good things without making them public,
ease suffering,
make straight what has been bent,

adopt the orphaned,
help the poor,
build places of worship and help to improve them,
help the publishing and editing of religious books,
give out medicine and tea for free,
pardon the condemned,
free those in captivity,
build bridges,
fix roads,
take in the widowed,
support the weak,
ensure honesty in the weighing of commodities,
increase virtue,
prevent difficulties,
forbid conflict.
To cleanse yourself give away your things,
do good to other people,
learn the teachings and then teach them to others,
comfort those who have been hurt or exploited.
Be sure your scales are used honestly and emptied properly,
be kind and friendly to wise people,
avoid and drive away disorderly people,
disregard people’s evil deeds and praise their good deeds,
be useful to living things,
protect those under you and oppose hostility to the government,
but rather correct their mistakes and promote justice,
do not have evil thoughts.
If one does these virtuous things thoughtfully and faithfully without making
it known to other people, one will prosper and receive the profit of virtue 
because they are known by the heavenly ones. Sons and grandsons will 
increase, epidemics will disappear, illness will be driven away, burdens and 
suffering will not appear. All people and animals will live peacefully and will 
be supported by looking at a beautiful star [of fortune].

All that I have said are opportunities to do deeds to increase virtue, now I will 
speak of the things that will bring suffering: If a man has an evil idea to seduce 
a wife or daughter for sexual gratification so that the family is destroyed, that 
man’s career and future will go bad.

Despising people’s skills and abilities,
making profit through trickery,
violating people’s rights and oppressing them,
exploiting people for one’s own advancement,
is a threat to the sky,
an insult to the earth,
a curse to the rains,
an obscenity to the winds;
It shows arrogance to that which is holy and debases those who are wise.
Destroying property,
breaking those things made to honor others,
needlessly killing dogs or animals,
throwing away or destroying books,
being arrogant in one’s power,
despising those who love peace,
working for the advancement of the rich,
oppressing those who are poor,
ruining the relationship between those who are blood
relatives and causing them to fight among each other,
destroying trust and respect among siblings,
disrespecting and betraying a just government,
acting like an amoral robber,
admiring those who unashamedly use subterfuge to gain success,
despising those who work hard and are thrifty,
wasting food,
not assisting those who help other people,
deceiving people,
promoting one’s self and exaggerating one’s importance,
using false weights when measuring out goods,
teaching things that are lies,
perpetuating the ignorance of those who are uneducated,
thinking oneself to be as powerful as Father Heaven,
hoarding possessions and being proud of them,
sneakiness, betrayal and trickery,
telling people unnecessary facts (2),
talking about useless things,
failing to heed the laws of Father Heaven (3),
ignoring other people’s opinions,
having no fear of doing evil to others,
tricking other people into doing evil things,
these are all things that are not virtuous.
When a person does these bad things his own rights will be violated, he will
be insulted and fought with, there is danger of floods, fire, mugging, having 
robbers break in his house, dangerous diseases and frightening things will 
happen, and his own children will be evil. If one follows an evil path his will 
lose his house and property, his son will become a thief, and his daughter will 
be promiscuous.

Your grandchildren and descendants will look in the bright mirror of the sky 
and understand these truths. What is connected with the good path and the bad 
path will be known, that acts of buyan (4), that bring blessing, will bring good 
things in their lives; but that bad acts will only bring suffering. I give this 
teaching to you out of love. These words are pleasant and helpful to the mind 
and body. If you take my words of knowledge and meditate on them in your 
mind it will cleanse your spirit of the evil influences of the past. Good and 
wise thoughts will come, and your children will have good fortune, you will be 
honored and you will accomplish what you intend. You will have the ability to 
undo the effects of ten thousand evil deeds and the suffering they have caused. 
Your thousand wise deeds will increase fortune and blessing. They will protect 
you like my armor and you will be known as a good and peaceful person. 

Be diligent in doing the very best things and do not go against these teachings.
1. What Geser means here is that one should not mistreat or intimidate women 
     because they are weaker than men, which is the underlying problem with 
     spousal abuse and other crimes against women. Ancient Mongolian society 
     was well known for the high status accorded to women, who had the right to 
     own property, initiate divorce, and many of them were literate as well, in 
     to the condition of their European counterparts. 
2.  This can be understood to mean malicious gossip.
3.  The laws of Father Heaven are described in three concise points on the 
     Shamanism page.
4.  buyan is deeds that bring blessing and happiness to others or restores or 
     sustains balance in the world. 

These are the teachings and prophecies of the ancient hero and shaman 
Abai Geser Bogdo Khan, son of Khan Hormasta. These are supposed to be his 
own words, but they have been passed down by oral tradition and were 
eventually written down in the Old Mongolian language. This book is especially 
precious because it is one of only a handful of Mongolian shamanist books that 
survived the persecution of shamanism (similar to the fate of the Mayan sacred 
books that had mostly been burned by the Spanish missionaries). Geser lived 
thousands of years ago, in the “galab” time, the time when the high civilization 
of extreme ancient times (recalled in stories of Atlantis and other myths) was 
destroyed in a worldwide catastrophe. This disaster was caused by a war among 
the tenger, the sky people, due to conflict and jealousy between those who were 
benevolent and those who were malevolent and power-hungry. Geser’s main 
role in history was to reverse and heal the damage to the air, earth, waters, and 
living things that were the aftermath of that terrible war. Geser’s teaching is to 
warn us against following the path that the evil sky people had followed which 
had nearly killed life on Earth. By following the good path that Geser teaches 
us we not only cleanse ourselves in body and spirit, but, like Geser did so 
many millennia ago, we can also reverse the effects of past evil deeds through 
the good actions that he prescribes. By doing this as well as performing 
ceremonies such as the Peace Tree Ceremony we can turn back the effects of 
the wars and evil events of past centuries and heal the earth and bring it back 
to balance.  May the spirits bring you blessing and power in all that you do! 

Sarangerel Odigon 
Ulaan Ud, August 2001 

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