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We arrange 1 week SHAMANIC RETREAT in Norway in September 2017

Welcome to 1 week Shamanic Retreat
-  you will learn a lot of old shamanic methods in
other spirituality in a small group in an intensive week.

September 2017
(one of the two first weeks in September)

We invite you to a one week retreat in Norway 
(Askøy, close to Bergen). On this retreat you
will enjoy the most beautiful nature in a
peaceful, spiritual place. Just a short way from
the international airport  (Flesland / Bergen).
In this week you will learn to master
different old traditional shamanic techniques. You will know how to:
- Work in the Sacred way with the spirit world - Help yourself and others
with different healing techniques, a lot of drumjourneys, do powerfull
ceremonies based on old tradions, learn to do Soul Retrieval (learned directly
from Qeros, who live in the Andes mountains) - and much more. 
After this week you will know enough to practice shamanism for yourself
and to help others (with practice).

In this week you will also learn meditation, experience energy and peace
with easy morning yoga (beginners level), tantric meditation, breathing
techniques, awarness, working with
your ego and more

In the eveningtime there will be a Sacred campfire
where there will be different activities like
ceremonies, singing,sharing and meditation.

We will start in the morning and work to
the evening - always close to beautiful nature
near the fjord.

​We offer a double bedroom or a bedroom
for 3 persons. Lodging, teaching and food is
included in the price.

During the breaks you are welcome to use the
sauna, take a trip with the canoe, use
the silence room for meditation or relaxing
in silence.

  This will be a intensive week, with singing, dancing, laughter and joy.
You are welcome to take a part of this shamanic experience.
This will be a lifetime experience.

Eearly bird price : NOK 9.800
(ca. 1.170 USD) (ca. 1.055 Euro)
- incl. all teaching, food and lodging.

Normal price (from May 2017) : NOK 10.900
(ca.1.300 USD) (ca.1.180 Euro)
- incl. all teaching, food and lodging.
Deposit : NOK 2.800 
(ca. 330 USD) (ca. 300 Euro)

Max. number of participant : 12 persons
No alcohol / drugs.

Language : English (and maybe some translation to
Norwegian / Swedish / Danish

English website - Shamanic Experience International :

please take contact for noncommital registration (link) :!http---www-shamanic-experience-com---con/mainPage

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